to my cozy little home on the web, filled with every bit of encouragement, love, hope, beautiful things and whatever I think you might enjoy. I know that most things can be fixed with one or all of the these…a hug, a snack, or a nap…so if you need any of those let me know and I’ll post some! Ha ha ha! Here for you as a sister, friend, aunt or mom, whatever it is that you need, I'll happily stand in that spot. I hope you find more than you are looking for, leaving inspired and recharged to tackle life at your best.

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, again! This year I’ve stayed with the traditional red and green, but with all sorts of plaids and flannels. It has made quite a cozy home as it feels as if your eyeballs are wrapped snug-as-a-bug in a big blanket everywhere you look! Ha ha ha! And […]

Christmas 2019 Home Decor

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Pumpkin spice and everything not-so nice…ugh. The holiday seasons are amazing, glorious and fun. But when we have hurt relationships, missing loved ones, and open wounds we are carrying; it can dampen even the most joyous spirit. So what CAN we do? And what should we NOT do? Here’s my best advice: NOT do List: […]

Holiday Season Survival Tips

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This recipe was passed over to my mom from one of her home school mom friends back in 1980’s…so you KNOW it’s good. It can pass as keto friendly as well–if you are doing that–or just good comfort food. I hope you love it as much as I do! Happy Cooking! 4 C      […]

Hot Chicken Casserole

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After Thanksgiving and Christmas…the 4th of July has to be my next favorite holiday. Here’s my best efforts (well, almost, I’m pretty tired) at a festive table. I’ve linked all the items below if you can’t live without them after seeing them here. Ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaa! Happy Independence Day America and all of her Americans […]

A Festive 4th of July Table!

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I remember hearing someone once say “expect the worst, you’ll never be disappointed.” My first reaction is to laugh at most things that people say, and I did that with this too…but then I thought about it and, well, that’s not very funny at all. It’s down right depressing! This got me thinking, what do […]

Expect the BEST

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I was having so much fun getting ready for Easter that I completely forgot to post this! So here it is, now just inspiration for next year, but better late then never if you ask me. Easter is one of my favorite times of year with Spring emerging, floral dresses, the soft pastel pallet, on […]

Easter Table Decor

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Top of the mornin’! As my father used to say, with his green eyes sparkling and huge grin. Then he’d take a drink of his coffee and crackle the newspaper straight. All heart treasures now. Sparkly green shamrock ones with gold glitter, actually. But St. Patrick’s day always reminds me of our family roots and […]

St. Patrick’s Day Table Decor and a bit More!

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We all get “up-close and personal” accounts of others and their success on social media. It’s nearly overwhelming, we get SO much information and images on a single scroll that it’s easy to log off feeling worse than before. Sometimes we feel so overwhelmed that we don’t even want to try to live our own […]

Never Let a Picture Make You FEEL Bad

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If you are anything like me, it seems like it will be beeline to our destiny in this life–meaning a straight shot, from point A to point B, and VIOLA! You should arrive safely and quickly at your dream life. Ha! It’s more like 17 switchbacks, a few puddle jumps, Everest, and 3 high dives […]

All the Roads that lead you Home

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