Me. Back in 2010, I started my blog, called HugeLove, because I wanted to share the huge love that God had shown me during the years I struggled with an eating disorder. Starting a blog to help others overcome that same struggle was my heart's desire. I never wanted another person to struggle as I did. And just as I thought I was really getting somewhere with a few followers, God had put it on my heart to write a book too. But as the book was nearly complete, I was coming undone physically. 

 I was getting sick but didn't know what was wrong. I had fatigue that never got better with rest, heart palpitations, skipped beats, almost constant chest pain, migraines that last 2-3 days and chronic insomnia. The worse I felt, the less I could write. Just the tasks of daily living was taking all my energy, including my little toddler at the time. So in an effort to just survive, I let the rest go by the waste side and felt like my little dream was fading away too. I honestly wasn't sure if either of us would make it.



But there were some bright spots along the way, like the birth of my second daughter, and for some reason, I felt much better pregnant, so I had thought I was "over" that sickness. But it came back with a vengeance after second daughter was born, maybe because I also had the trauma of losing my dad in an accident, just two weeks later. I got to the point that I couldn't drive a car because I felt so faint, I was terrified of passing out with my babies in the car. So I stopped driving out of fear. My body couldn't function anymore, trips to the ER, cardiologists, endocrinologists, gastroenterologist, infectious disease doctors, not one could figure out what was wrong with me, they would say things like "get a hobby." I was discouraged, scared, and desperate to live and raise my babies. I thought I was dying. 

Thankfully, a woman from my church recommended an integrative doctor, who employed a naturopathic doctor who solved my mystery. She said "I think you have Lyme Disease." That was followed by a million blood tests to see if she was right, and she was. I felt huge relief to finally have a diagnosis, but it was really just a new, longer, bumpier road to finally get better. More bad doctors, a myriad of antibiotics that just made me feel worse and damaged my poor gut, and yet another turn--this one for the best--God sent a complete stranger, to share her experience of healing from the Hansa Center in Kansas. I went, once, twice and then three times ...each time getting better than the time before. So here I type, with energy to have a go at this road again, and pursue the call of my heart--to help others who are where I once was--but now I can help MORE people because I've been through so much MORE since my first I have more experience, compassion, and wisdom to share! All good things!

I'm thankful we can find each other here, and you'll find every good thing I can muster up to encourage your heart, make you smile, and remind you to look for the beauty along the trail. And yes, I mean trail. We've all got to walk it out, whatever it is. I've got my hiking boots on, how about you? Hee hee! But since you're here and so am I, so lets go it together. It will be better. Promise.

With all of that, "Tiffany in a nutshell," go on a treasure hunt and dig around this site to find a treasure to take with you! Some are in words, others in pictures, and a few as links to other lily pads of goodness. All the best that I can find for you, my friend.

Literally, all of the best,


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