A Festive 4th of July Table!

Jul 2, 2019


After Thanksgiving and Christmas…the 4th of July has to be my next favorite holiday. Here’s my best efforts (well, almost, I’m pretty tired) at a festive table. I’ve linked all the items below if you can’t live without them after seeing them here. Ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaa! Happy Independence Day America and all of her Americans (us)! And happy decorating!

Red, white and blue lanterns from Pier One here

Flag wreath is from Pier One too, but I think it’s only available in-store as I couldn’t find it on the site. As are the burlap flags in the galvanized vase.

Galvanized vase is from Pottery Barn find it here.

Galvanized 2-tiered serving tray here.

Wooden stars are from Michael’s Craft store but they are in-store only.











Plate setting:

Glavanized chargers: here

White plates: here

Red ruffle napkins (actually they are place mats but they are very cute as napkins and perfectly thin): here

Napkin ring: here


And for the final look, with a Rag Doll cat…Roxy’s Ragdolls is where I got this one 🙂 hee hee! Click here

Happy 4th of July!





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