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I just adore Spring, all of the green and new budding, it encourages me to join in the blossoming of new things too! I used to be averse to floral and pink when I was younger, but now I appreciate it as each color palette and season holds it’s own beauty. And I’ve noticed the […]

Happy Easter Table Decor and Decorating

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Welcome March and her happy little holiday of St. Patrick’s Day. One of the best things about having a holiday in the middle, or anywhere for that matter, in the month means you’ve got a reason to celebrate. I feel that having little celebrations along life’s pathway makes the going so much more fun, enjoyable […]

May your troubles be less and your blessings be more!

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year, again! This year I’ve stayed with the traditional red and green, but with all sorts of plaids and flannels. It has made quite a cozy home as it feels as if your eyeballs are wrapped snug-as-a-bug in a big blanket everywhere you look! Ha ha ha! And […]

Christmas 2019 Home Decor

Life today is so incredibly hectic that I think we often forget to actually live it. I’ve noticed that I feel most “alive” when I’m finally able to slow down, give a child a hug, pat the dog, sip instead of gulp my coffee down. The same goes for a home. When we are just […]

Keeping the Home Fires Burning

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After Thanksgiving and Christmas…the 4th of July has to be my next favorite holiday. Here’s my best efforts (well, almost, I’m pretty tired) at a festive table. I’ve linked all the items below if you can’t live without them after seeing them here. Ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaa! Happy Independence Day America and all of her Americans […]

A Festive 4th of July Table!

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I was having so much fun getting ready for Easter that I completely forgot to post this! So here it is, now just inspiration for next year, but better late then never if you ask me. Easter is one of my favorite times of year with Spring emerging, floral dresses, the soft pastel pallet, on […]

Easter Table Decor

Top of the mornin’! As my father used to say, with his green eyes sparkling and huge grin. Then he’d take a drink of his coffee and crackle the newspaper straight. All heart treasures now. Sparkly green shamrock ones with gold glitter, actually. But St. Patrick’s day always reminds me of our family roots and […]

St. Patrick’s Day Table Decor and a bit More!

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I live in a area that doesn’t exactly have seasons, it’s always balmy and 72 here at the beach. And this is wonderful except that I love a cozy snow day filled with cookies baking in a warm oven. And the anticipation of all the Fall holidays when the leaves turn and sprinkle the lawns […]

The Seasons Of My Table