The Seasons Of My Table

Feb 14, 2019


I live in a area that doesn’t exactly have seasons, it’s always balmy and 72 here at the beach. And this is wonderful except that I love a cozy snow day filled with cookies baking in a warm oven. And the anticipation of all the Fall holidays when the leaves turn and sprinkle the lawns like little ornaments. The 4th of July is quite exciting as I love my country, the celebratory fireworks and the smell of a good BBQ makes my mouth water…even just typing it!

As you can surmise, I enjoy each holiday to the fullest! BUT I noticed a very healthy side effect whilst I’m furiously decorating. It fights off the doldrums, melancholy, depression and over all blahs. Try it! I know you’ll enjoy it too! And it has no negative side effects…except that the people at HomeGoods might know you by first name and you have a favorite checker at Target.

And just choosing one area to really make festive is easier than trying to do the entire house, I would choose a place you see often and has some sort of mantle, bookshelf or table that you can set things on and make a pretty display of it. Then visit Home Goods, Target, Pier 1, Cost Plus-World Market, Michael’s, Joann’s, Pottery Barn, Williams-Sonoma, Sur la Table or any homey-foody-decoratey places you love! I have a few that are small and local that I drop by just to see if a treasure awaits me. And it usually does if I try hard enough! Ha!

Some inspirational springboards for you…my current Valentine’s Day decor is first:

Here is my New Years table:

My Christmas table:

And my Fall table (which is my favorite with my sweet Bogey)

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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  1. Amy Gonzalez says:

    Thank you for this blog!!! I’ve been looking forward to this!

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