The Magic of Dry Skin Brushing

Feb 18, 2019


Our skin is one of the many ways we detox, so keeping our skin free of dead skin that would otherwise block the elimination of toxins is important. With Lyme Disease, I would say it’s is essential because of the overload of toxins created from the infection and possible co-infections existing–our body needs our help. This is a excellent, affordable and noninvasive way to support our body that actually feels good.


Natural Fiber Skin Brush with a long handle. You can find these at most health food stores. Be sure that it has natural fibers not synthetic (plastic), this actually is BAD, because it can cause the wrong electrical charge to happen on your body–ew.) Only good electrical charges!

  • 5 MINUTES: It takes about that long to dry brush your body, without using any soaps or water, just dry skin and the brush. Feel free to work up to that time.
  • HOW TO: Begin by brushing upwards toward your heart from the top of your feet, legs, buttocks, stomach, swooping under your armpits from the back towards your chest. Then start at the back of your hands and move up toward your arms. For your back, start at your lower back brushing up towards the shoulders.
  • FOCUS ON: Moving the lymph fluid from all your extremities to your heart. Lymph doesn’t move on it’s own, you have to either exercise to have to move (this might be too much if you are very sick with Lyme) or your can physically move it with massage or a good dry brushing–Lymph is sort of like the garbage trucks of the body and they need to get moving to get the garbage out!
  • OUCH! Your skin might be sensitive at first, but you build up a tolerance (it takes about a week– for me anyway)  and I can say that I do enjoy a good brushing before a shower/bath or even just before I get dressed. I do this DAILY.
  • FURTHER OPTIONS: soft natural fiber face brushes are available too, if you feel you want extra exfoliation. Just be sure to check the bristle type, they should look like straw not clear plastic.


This one starts out “not so pleasant” but before you know it, you’ll be looking forward to it!

Happy Brushing,






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  1. Emily says:

    Could you share your detox bath details. How much Hydrogen peroxide and epsom salt? Thank you for the information on dry brushing. I have recently been diagnosed with Lymes ( late stage😬) . It’s going to be a journey to healing this. Thank you for the wisdom you share. Blessings!

    • tmyers says:

      I’m so sorry to hear this Emily, but take heart, you CAN fully recover! I’ll have to check my recipe, but I thought I put down 6 cups Epsom Salt and 1 entire bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide 🙂 Huge hugs and happy detoxing!!!

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