to my cozy little home on the web, filled with every bit of encouragement, love, hope, beautiful things and whatever I think you might enjoy. I know that most things can be fixed with one or all of the these…a hug, a snack, or a nap…so if you need any of those let me know and I’ll post some! Ha ha ha! Here for you as a sister, friend, aunt or mom, whatever it is that you need, I'll happily stand in that spot. I hope you find more than you are looking for, leaving inspired and recharged to tackle life at your best.

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We all get “up-close and personal” accounts of others and their success on social media. It’s nearly overwhelming, we get SO much information and images on a single scroll that it’s easy to log off feeling worse than before. Sometimes we feel so overwhelmed that we don’t even want to try to live our own […]

Never Let a Picture Make You FEEL Bad

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If you are anything like me, it seems like it will be beeline to our destiny in this life–meaning a straight shot, from point A to point B, and VIOLA! You should arrive safely and quickly at your dream life. Ha! It’s more like 17 switchbacks, a few puddle jumps, Everest, and 3 high dives […]

All the Roads that lead you Home

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Our skin is one of the many ways we detox, so keeping our skin free of dead skin that would otherwise block the elimination of toxins is important. With Lyme Disease, I would say it’s is essential because of the overload of toxins created from the infection and possible co-infections existing–our body needs our help. […]

The Magic of Dry Skin Brushing

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I live in a area that doesn’t exactly have seasons, it’s always balmy and 72 here at the beach. And this is wonderful except that I love a cozy snow day filled with cookies baking in a warm oven. And the anticipation of all the Fall holidays when the leaves turn and sprinkle the lawns […]

The Seasons Of My Table

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We started with the show on Netflix, and then got the book…Marie Kondo has officially changed our lives. Ha ha ha! We are tidying up everything and it actually feels SO good! It’s surprising how much trash we had, 3 bags of expired boxes, sauces, spices, soup and canned beans for one. Or the clothes […]

Tidying Up!

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This is THE best detox bath. It’s an incredible tool in your health tool box when you have a chronic illness like Lyme Disease, and it’s also incredible for the whole family (including kids) when anyone is starting to get sick (colds, flu, etc.). It stops infections quickly and relieves PAIN–all while detoxifying the body. […]

The Ultimate Detox Bath

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I’ve tried a lot of chili recipes and this one is my family’s favorite…plus you can throw it all in the Crockpot to cook…it’s like dinner magic. Aaaand you feel just about as close as you can to superwoman (or man) when all you have to do is dole out the chili into bowls and […]

My Favorite Chili

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The life we live today is so very riddled with pressure, completely unattainable levels of perfection, and rules/laws/fees/taxes/fines/penalties that others have created–it’s a miracle we all get back up in the morning. Not to mention all the classes, clubs, extracurricular activities that our children do…that WE do, with driving, prepping, dress rehearsals, extra practices, tutoring […]

Grace to just BE

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