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It’s funny, you would assume that people out grow fears as they mature. You grow out of some, like the “boogie man” in the closet or under your bed, but I’ve noticed that instead of fears diminishing as I get older, they tend to multiply, exponentially. And there are all SORTS of different types. Fear […]

Fears, Worry and Anxiety, Oh My!

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Pumpkin spice and everything not-so nice…ugh. The holiday seasons are amazing, glorious and fun. But when we have hurt relationships, missing loved ones, and open wounds we are carrying; it can dampen even the most joyous spirit. So what CAN we do? And what should we NOT do? Here’s my best advice: NOT do List: […]

Holiday Season Survival Tips

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I remember hearing someone once say “expect the worst, you’ll never be disappointed.” My first reaction is to laugh at most things that people say, and I did that with this too…but then I thought about it and, well, that’s not very funny at all. It’s down right depressing! This got me thinking, what do […]

Expect the BEST

We all get “up-close and personal” accounts of others and their success on social media. It’s nearly overwhelming, we get SO much information and images on a single scroll that it’s easy to log off feeling worse than before. Sometimes we feel so overwhelmed that we don’t even want to try to live our own […]

Never Let a Picture Make You FEEL Bad

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If you are anything like me, it seems like it will be beeline to our destiny in this life–meaning a straight shot, from point A to point B, and VIOLA! You should arrive safely and quickly at your dream life. Ha! It’s more like 17 switchbacks, a few puddle jumps, Everest, and 3 high dives […]

All the Roads that lead you Home

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The life we live today is so very riddled with pressure, completely unattainable levels of perfection, and rules/laws/fees/taxes/fines/penalties that others have created–it’s a miracle we all get back up in the morning. Not to mention all the classes, clubs, extracurricular activities that our children do…that WE do, with driving, prepping, dress rehearsals, extra practices, tutoring […]

Grace to just BE