Tidying Up!

Feb 14, 2019


We started with the show on Netflix, and then got the book…Marie Kondo has officially changed our lives. Ha ha ha! We are tidying up everything and it actually feels SO good! It’s surprising how much trash we had, 3 bags of expired boxes, sauces, spices, soup and canned beans for one. Or the clothes that the girls had that were too small or Mrs. Kondo says, “just didn’t spark joy” anymore! Her phrase is just adorable too, and it gives you a good place  to start when feeling a teensy bit overwhelmed by the shear amount of STUFF you have. A home is so big, it’s hard to know where to start and she helps by directing you to starting with a single drawer or room. The first step is sometimes the hardest. Ha ha!

In her book, Spark Joy, she gives little drawings showing how to organize all areas of your life. How to fold clothes into tiny little packages, or how to organize kitchen tools…by size and then into boxes to keep them separate.




This prompted a trip, or 2, to the Container Store. This is where all your box, jars, jewelry organizers, hanging systems and containment solutions await as well as any latent OCD tendencies. I was impressed, excited and now addicted. Ha ha ha! I hope I’ve inspired you too, it really is great fun!








PS: my favorite drawer I’ve done is the junk drawer…mostly because I’m in and out of there all day long! Ha ha ha! It’s the small things, as they say. (And, yes I have two junk drawers…we are very junky people apparently.)





Spark Your Joy,




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