Keeping the Home Fires Burning

Oct 24, 2019


Life today is so incredibly hectic that I think we often forget to actually live it. I’ve noticed that I feel most “alive” when I’m finally able to slow down, give a child a hug, pat the dog, sip instead of gulp my coffee down. The same goes for a home. When we are just there long enough to switch lights on and off, and then gone again, we forfeit the power it has to heal, bring together and calm us.

How nice is it to go to a welcoming place at the end of the day, with savory smells coming from the kitchen, a nice table set, cozy beds with big fluffy comforters…and your jammies just up the stairs in the dresser? Husbands, wives, kids, and all the pets…need this. We all need a safe place to come home too. The world beats us up in different ways all the long day and we need to heal our hearts, minds and bodies in order to able to face another day of it. So what do we do? Stoke those home fires. Make home a priority again. Plan a few easy meals to cook in the crockpot, there is literally nothing nicer than to come home to a nearly cooked meal…just get the plates out and you’re ready for dinner. That’s my dream day. In the past I’ve just plan lacked the energy do to it as I struggled with Lyme Disease. Now my struggle is just being disciplined enough to find a good sounding recipe, make the list, buy it, and then cook it! But whenever I’m able to harness the wild unicorn of self, I love it, I’m so thankful I did the preparation work so that the evening meal is nutritious, healthy and literally made with love. It all makes a difference.

So my new anthem is home. Make it as wonderful to be there for my loved ones as possible. Make the dinner. Make it fun. Make it worth being there. Make love the heart of it all.  Cook with the intention of healing with good food, speak a blessing over the food as you prepare it, put love into every dish. All these moments  count, the quiet ones as much as the big performances in life.

Remember to stoke those home fires, because someone is counting on coming home to a warm, cozy place at night…even if it’s just you.

Autumn Wishes,



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