Happy Easter Table Decor and Decorating

Apr 4, 2020


I just adore Spring, all of the green and new budding, it encourages me to join in the blossoming of new things too! I used to be averse to floral and pink when I was younger, but now I appreciate it as each color palette and season holds it’s own beauty. And I’ve noticed the bigger the color change I do, the more I feel engaged by it! Each color hue brings out a different feeling, for instance pink invokes compassion, love and admiration. Who doesn’t need a dose of that?

Part of making a home feel cozy, like you want to “cuddle up with a good book in the corner, warm fire crackling and a steaming cup coffee within your grasp” is in large part being tidy. Messes and junk piles steal joy, sanity and hope. It sounds dramatic, but it’s true. A messy house makes me feel emotionally messy. But order brings hope, light, joy, comfort and the feeling like you just want to stay. Things I want my home to feel like to others. I want people to come over and stay, like this is their home too. That’s a real home. Where everyone would like to call it theirs too. And at that point you’ve achieved success!

I think any style can invoke this response, if your style is modern, Spanish, rustic, farm house, traditional, beach, cabin, antique, or eclectic. Creating the home with things that bring  you joy is a huge part, you know the things that you see and immediately fall in love–if you can, buy that thing. You’ll always love it. Every time you walk by, you love it all over again. I felt this way about my dining room light by Visual Comfort. And on the other hand, I bought chairs that I only partly liked, that are in my family room. And when I pass them by, I still think, “ugh, those still aren’t right.” So as your litmus test for shopping, if it’s a big buy that isn’t doing to change often like large furniture, lighting, etc. just make sure you really love it! All other things can be easily changed out, like pillows, throws, rugs.

I hope that you enjoy this new season, and feel a renewed sense in investing in your home and the experience you create for your family and friends. Most of my finds are from HomeGoods, HobbyLobby, and Michael’s Craft Store. You don’t have to spend a fortune to make the seasons festive! But like I mentioned earlier, I think spending on the big items, couches, chairs, lighting that you can dress up or down and change the feel with new pillows is well worth it!

Here’s my favorite spot to dress up as the seasons and holidays come and go, my dining room. Why this room? Because the table is easy to set, with a set number of 6 and the buffet with the mirror is an easy back drop for displaying whatever festive things I’ve found. And with the mirror, I can easily hang wreaths, or garlands that are lightweight.

Welcome to my Easter dining room…I’ll put links to everything or as close I as I can find if the item isn’t available.

These adorable bunny plates are on sale at Pottery Barn!

And so are these white rabbits!

These sweet pink gingham napkins are also on sale and from Pottery Barn!

Happy Decorating! It’s all about adding in your favorite loved things and celebrating this new season!

For other holiday decorating ideas, check out the Home Decor section of my blog.






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